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i wrote the main ideas for this tune the week i got married. it is strange because, it contains the recognition that the commonly understood form of marriage was not for me. it took me about a year and half to finish the song, and then another year and a half to finish being married. it's a song about the destructive and restorative nature of truth. the importance of laying waste to our stories in order to see what is true. it was inspired by this poem by indian philosopher krishnamurti.

I walked on a path through the jungle
Which an elephant had made,
And about me lay a tangle of wilderness.
The voice of desolation fills the distant plain.
And the city is noisy with the bells of a tall temple.
Beyond the jungle are the great mountains,
Calm and clear.

In the fear of Life
The temptation of sorrow is created.

Cut down the jungle – not one mere tree,
For Truth is attained
By putting aside all that you have sown.

And now I walk with the elephant.

every aspect of this tune was written with the feel of an elephant, swaying, swaggering, knocking stuff down, tenderly moving. it implies something that is about to break, something at the edge of itself.


from este mundo, released October 27, 2009


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