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the words of persian poet hafez inspired this tune:

did the rose
ever open its heart

and give to this world
all its

it felt the encouragement of light
against its being,

we all remain



this song is a declaration of who i have become through accepting my path in medicine and music, who i have realized myself to be. it is a recognition that i don't have a choice, that life pushes me from the inside to go out and do what i do. it's a relinquishing of control of who i think i should be and just being who i am. the song has the drunken quality that the sufi mystics equate with god and music--intoxication. it is a bursting out, an opening, at first timid and then full force. it starts intimately, as if you're hearing a secret. and then the band bursts in as if we had all been kidnapped by a ragtag group of crazy misfits who seize life by the collar, shake it up and say YES!


from este mundo, released October 27, 2009


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Cumbancha Vermont

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