soy payaso

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this song is my life's journey--from east to west to somewhere in the middle, up to the sky then down to the bottom of the sea. the arrangement was inspired by the form of "the rime of the ancient mariner" a poem where a man must tell his story to passersby, an incredible tale. this tune is a story about a woman who is looking for her place to sing and realizes it is under the sky, not in anyone's home. she gets lured into a house of magic and some guy inside paints her face because he needs a clown who can sing. and she says she is a clown but then when she sees a mirror, she can't recognize her own self. so she leaves. it starts with raga bhairav, with bass drone, tabla and bansuri flute, then cello takes it over with a klezmer-inspired line using the same notes from the rag but shifting the bass focus. then all of a sudden we're in a d-minor gypsy jazz piece, with a woman telling her frenzied story. it's full of twists and turns. stops and starts. A tiny clock with cuckoo bird that look like a bat, a little black mouse running around the floor, a house of magic with a bathtub that doubles as a stage and a ladder that leads up to a secret loft full of dark secrets tucked away in locked chests. it's a jack in the box. it's a genie in a lamp. it's the world cut up into pieces and reassembled through sound and a very strange story. the form of the song was intended to be like an ellipse or the infinity sign--starting and ending with the tabla and bass drone with flute. the foghorns from our first album make an understated appearance, bringing us back to SF.


from este mundo, released October 27, 2009


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